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Analytical Sensors

Analytical Transmitters in Process Control
While analytical transmitters are different from our range of level sensors, they are complementary to the process control and level measurement industry. These analytical sensors such as our pH/ORP Sensor are used in waste water treatment and food production across the world by companies like Coca-Cola.
Semrad’s Range of Analytical Sensors
Analytical sensors and transmitters are different to our usual range of level transmitters in that these analytical sensors don’t measure the level or volume of a liquid, but rather its intrinsic properties such as pH and dissolved oxygen content.pH sensors are extremely important in wastewater treatment, to ensure the waste water may be safely returned to the environment. Our dissolved oxygen analysers are also often used in conjunction with the pH/ORP sensors and our other level instruments available for applications in wastewater management and aquaculture.

If you think your process could benefit from our analytical sensors, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.