HK8 NIR Continuous Online Moisture Monitoring


Applications for Continuous Moisture Measurement

Food industry (continuous online moisture monitoring of foodstuff, such as tobacco, sugar, etc). Construction industry (measuring moisture levels in raw materials). Continuous moisture monitoring of plastic granules. Coal moisture content measurement.  

Benefits of the HK8 NIR Moisture Monitor

Near-infrared LED’s enable highly stable moisture monitoring compared with similar technologies available. The drift that normally occurs with other IR/NIR instruments has been completely accounted for. No mechanically moving parts. Long service life of up to 10 years. No maintenance. Superior reliability and low costs make this moisture meter a sound investment.

Product Description

The HK8 continuous moisture monitor provides highly accurate moisture measurement data using state-of-the-art infra-red LED’s. Using IR LED’s enables the HK8 to produce a consistently accurate moisture measurement, despite uneven surfaces or variances in colour of the product, eliminating the requirement of colour filters you might need with more conventional systems. The use of LED’s also has several other benefits, such as a long life (up to 10 years), complete drift compensation to provide consistently reliable and accurate moisture monitoring.

The HK8 moisture monitor has been designed as a modular system, with a separate sensor and electronics housing. You can mount the sensor up to 50m away from the housing with no impact on the signal or moisture measurement, enabling huge flexibility for more complex installations. The HK8 moisture monitor also provides you with several outputs that are commonplace throughout industry, including RS232, 0/4-20mA and optional RS485. to ensure compatibility with most PLC’s.

Product PDFs: