Conductivity Transmitter - AnaCONT LEK/LCK


Features of the AnaCONT LEK/LCK Sensors: Two wire compact transmitter Wide range of measurement Plug-in dot matrix field indicator Blind version with IP68 protection Temperature compensated DataLogger function HART communication Power relay output, programmable Explosion-proof models   Applications for Conductivity Transmitters: Potable Water Production Water processing Water purification Swimming pools Pharmaceutical and chemical industries Food and beverage industries

Product Description

Two probes are immersed into the measured liquid. The distance between the probes and their surface define the cell constant (K) of the instrument.

Connecting AC voltage to the electrodes the electronics measures the conductivity of the liquid between the probes. This measured value is converted to 4…20 mA output signal.

The cell constant defines the measuring range and thus the application area

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