Oxygen Monitor with Remote O2 Sensor


Advantages of our Oxygen Monitor:

  • Easily connect to SCADA and PLC controls through 4-20mA for maximum compatibility with existing systems.
  • Unlike competing oxygen sensors, our oxygen monitor requires no reference gas.
  • Will reliably sense oxygen levels even at lower temperatures and 100% nitrogen environments.
  • Can accurately monitor oxygen levels between 0-25% without calibration or maintenance for 10 years or longer.

Product Description

The Oxygen monitor with remote oxygen sensor comes with all the accuracy, reliability, and features of our standard oxygen monitors, with the added flexibility of a separated o2 sensor and transmitter, making this ideal for installations in unmanned areas (such as gas storage rooms, or freezers) or more conveniently locating the display/transmitter.

Using a zirconium cell rather than an electrochemical sensor cell, the oxygen sensor is more accurate than other o2 monitors available and provides accurate oxygen readings despite changes in temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. The zirconium o2 sensor will continuously operate for 10 years or longer, requiring minimal maintenance and cutting costs.

Product PDFs: