HUMY-300 Moisture Monitor


  • No samples for the laboratory necessary
  • Saving of energy costs
  • Improvement on the product quality
  • Very short amortization time
  • High selective sensitiveness
  • High measuring speed
  • Precision better than 0,1% (under consideration of the product)
  • Easy and economical installation
  • Fast and simple calibration
  • Optional ATEX-Version for Zone 20 und Zone 2

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Product Description

Moisture levels are a critical part of most processes as moisture can have a significant impact on the quality of a product. The HUMY-300 by Muetec ensures reliable and accurate moisture measurement to control the quality of the bulk solid material, and ultimately increase its economic value.

The HUMY-300 moisture monitor has been used successfully to improve production processes and final product quality in cement batching plants, grain silos, coal power stations and the pulp and paper industry. Information gained from past applications has shown that every additional 1% of moisture in a product can increase power costs by 10% during the drying process. Installation of the Humy-300 Moisture Meter can recoup costs in a matter of days or weeks, depending on production size.

Applications for Moisture Measurement

  • Raw materials in bricks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foods such as grain, flour, malt, cereals, etc
  • Cement Industry
  • Animal feed industry
  • Coal power plants

Benefits of the HUMY-300 Moisture Meter

  • No samples for the laboratory necessary
  • Savings in energy costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Very short amortization time
  • High measuring speed
  • High accuracy up to 0.1% (depending on product)
  • Fast and easy installation & calibration
  • Optional: ATEX for Zone 20 and Zone 2

Still have questions? For a more detailed overview check out the blog article in the link.

Inline Moisture Measurement with the Humy-300