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HUMY 301 In-Line Moisture Meter


  • No need for continuous sampling of product moisture for the laboratory
  • Fewer process fluctuations by controlling the dryer or humidification according to the current moisture value
  • No over-drying or under-drying
  • Reduces energy costs during drying, resulting in rapid savings
  • High operational reliability due to robust probe
  • High accuracy of up to 0.1% (depending on the product and measuring situation)
  • Quick and easy installation and calibration thanks to new HUMIConfig software
  • Simple installation and retrofitting, e.g. on conveyor belts, screw conveyors, pipes and chutes
  • Up to 8 devices can be calibrated and monitored together
  • Continuous logging with long-term data acquisition possible
  • Optional ATEX version for Zone 20 and Zone 0
  • Easy integration into a control system via analog output or Modbus RTU

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Product Description

Moisture in solids is an important parameter that influences the quality of a product and the economic efficiency of production. The HUMY 301 Moisture Meter determines the product moisture directly in the process and in real time. The measurement results can be used to control a dryer or automatic humidification and to continuously monitor the production process.
The HUMY 301 moisture detector uses a capacitive measuring method that determines the entire water content of a material – and not just its surface. To do this, the sensor’s field lines penetrate up to 200 mm deep into the material. The measurement result has an accuracy of up to 0.1 % – depending on the bulk material and measurement situation.
The latest version of the HUMY moisture meter is characterised by a robust design and easy integration and calibration. A graphical user interface for analysing the measured values, improved filter settings and the selection of up to 8 product data sets via a digital input make the user’s work easier. Long-term storage of the measurement data enables historical data to be analysed and offline calibration to be performed.

Applications for Moisture Measurement

  • Raw materials in bricks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foods such as grain, flour, malt, cereals, gelatin, milk powder etc.
  • Cement
  • Sand
  • Animal feed
  • Limestone
  • Coal power plants
  • Fertiliser
  • Wood pellets
  • Plastic pellets
  • Aluminum oxide
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