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Liquid Leak Detection

Liquid Leak Detection
Liquid leak detection is the proactive process of identifying and locating leaks of liquids, such as water, chemicals, fuel, or other fluids, in various environments. Liquid leak sensors/ flood sensors are small devices that can be placed in strategic locations where leaks are likely to occur. They can detect the presence of liquids and send alerts to a monitoring system.

Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS)
Underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) have the potential to leak, which can lead to major environmental damage and expensive clean up bills for the owner. In NSW, to prevent the damage these incidents may incur, the Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2008 requires owners and operators to regularly check for leaks in underground fuel tanks and piping to help minimise the potential environmental impacts caused by leaks in the UPSS.