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Product Description:

When a leak occurs, you need to know as soon as possible, and the more information, the better equipped you'll be to deal with the issue and sort a solution, minimising potential damage and costly repairs. Using a cable type leak detection system allows you to pinpoint where a leak has been detected, whether there are multiple points, when they occurred and how long they have been in alarm. The PAL-AT cable leak detection system provides sophisticated data available online for remote monitoring, enabling responsive maintenance and dynamic repairs.

The PAL-AT cable leak detection system is highly versatile, enabling up to four separate sensing zones, with up to 2.3km of rope style cable leak detectors, making it suitable for even the largest applications. Each leak detection cable can have float switches to enable simple monitoring of underfloor areas, sumps, trays, single and/or double wall piping and tanks, as well as various cable types to ensure compatibility with your cable leak detection needs.

To read more about these variations, have a look at the brochure, or email us for further clarification.


Features and Benefits of the PAL-AT Leak Detection Sensor:

2 line X 40 character display, showing status, date and time

Keypad entry of system data and alarm acknowledgement

RS232 and RS485 serial ports

Ethernet connection and Modbus TCP/IP

Modbus RTU

Remote trouble shooting and control using PALCOM® 10 software

Battery back-up of date and time functions

Programmable Relays: SPDT, 10A, 250 VAC

Automatic restart when power is restored after power loss


Suitable Applications for Rope Leak Detectors:

Data centre leak detection

Jet fuel systems

Tank farm leak detection system

Clean rooms

Hazardous chemical storage

Process control rooms

Underground storage leak detection

And many other applications where cable type leak detectors may be useful.

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