Tokheim ProGauge Wireless ATG Console

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Product Description:

Available from 2 to 32 tanks our Maglink consoles offer flexible configurations for use in variety of fuelling set ups, both wired and wireless. A web based and easy to follow user interface quickly enables the operator to access a variety of simplified menus. Multiple POS interfaces are supported including a Magdirect option offering a direct interface to the probes.


Features of the Wireless ATG Console:

Web access and WI-FI connection.

7" colour touch screen.

IFSF Compliant.

Can manage up to 32 tank.

Event recording.

Leak detection, automatic reconciliation, deliveries, trends, historical events/alarm recording.

Display shows;

- Product level
- Real volume and temperature compensated volume
- Water interface level
- Product temperature
- Ullage
- Fuel quality (density, viscosity, dielectric)

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