FluidWatchII Cable Leak Detection


  • Fast response time with sensing water-based liquids in seconds
  • Adjustable sensitivity from several inches to several feet
  • Ruggedized sensing cable and not susceptible to dust /dirt contamination
  • Custom sensing cable lengths available upon request
  • LED indicators for power, leak and fault conditions with built-in audible alarm
  • Compatible with 10-30 VAC DC
  • Light weight and ease of installation

Product Description

The FluidWatchII leak detection system is designed to monitor small areas for water leaks. Its small form factor and ease of installation is an ideal leak detection system for remote monitoring of small room or areas. The system continuously monitors the capacitance of the sensor cable and detects changes from the initial value. The system can operate as standalone leak detection system or integrate with third party systems via the dry contact.

Suitable Applications for Rope Leak Detectors
  • Kitchenette under bench
  • FCU drip trays
  • Data centres
  • Generator rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Hazardous chemical storage
  • Process control rooms
  • Underground storage leak detection
  • And many other applications where large surface areas need to be monitored
Product PDFs: