PAL-AT-TS Cable Leak Detection System


  • Monitor up to 2.3km on each channel
  • One, two, and four channel configuration available
  • Real Time Layout – Graphical Locator System (GLS)
  • Multi-Zoning Capable
  • Role Based Access
  • Settings Backup & Restore Capable
  • 10” Touch Screen Monitor
  • Industrial Grade Rugged Design
  • On Screen Keyboard
  • Over 50,000 Event Logs Storage
  • Full Audit Trail & Reporting Capable
  • Support Modbus & BACnet
  • Compatible W/ Current PAL-AT Series
  • Network W/ PALCOM Manager


Product Description

The PAL-AT/TS series is the latest touchscreen LDS control that combines the PALCOM software capability with the PermAlert® TDR leak detection technology. The intuitive user interfaces quickly identify leak location in the real-time layout. The enhanced reporting and logging capabilities provide ease in reviewing historical data and meeting audit requirements.

Three Panel configurations are available;

  1. Single Channel
  2. Two Channel
  3. Four Channel

Each channel can monitor up to 2.3km of cable and detect multiple leak simultaneously. Applications range from small generator and laboratories to large scale chemical and water plants.

Detectable liquid types;

  • Water
  • Fuels (diesel, petrol, or jet)
  • Chemicals
  • non-conductive liquids

Most liquids can be detected using one type of cable (AGW) and can be reused after a detection occurs. The AGW sensing is only 7.3mm in diameter and can be installed directly on the floor of a plant room or in the containment area of a double wall pipe or tank.


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