TTK Oil Leak Detection System


Applications for Oil and Fuel Leak Detection System: Bulk storage applications; oil storage tanks often corrode around the base, leading to leaks, loss of product and soil contamination. Our hydrocarbon leak detection systems continuously monitor for hydrocarbons and non-conductive solvents. Pipeline leak detection; underground pipeline installations often present a difficult challenge, however, our unique addressable sensing cable is IP68, meaning it will not only continue operating in high water levels but also locate any detected oil leaks. Airports and petrol stations; our hydrocarbon leak detection system allows you to quickly locate and repair any detected fuel/diesel/jet fuel leaks. Power generator rooms; in mission critical applications such as power generator rooms in data centres etc, the fast detection of small amounts of hydrocarbons, means you will detect the leak, before any damage is done, minimising downtime and cost impacts.

Product Description

Why An Oil Leak Detection System?

Oil and fuel leaks can have devastating repercussions for companies in the oil and gas sector, ranging from hazards to personnel, environmental and ecosystem destruction, to company liability. With such risks, it is no wonder regulations are becoming stricter, forcing companies to look for an effective oil leak detection system in Australia.

Semrad’s Oil and Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Systems

Semrad has teamed up with TTkUK to bring their wide range of advanced leak detection systems to Australia. Our leak detection systems come with the required IECEx approval certificates so you can be confident installing equipment into any hazardous worksite. Our most popular leak detection system is specially designed to continuously monitor tank farms, pipelines, airports and refineries for oil leaks, fuel leaks, and diesel leaks. The advanced IECEx approved controller will even give an accurate position of where the leak has been detected so you can quickly contain the leak before any environmental damage occurs, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.