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NivoSWITCH RFM-401-0
NivoSWITCH RFM-401-0

NivoSWITCH RFM-401-0


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Multiple models available, please contact us to find out what model suits your needs.

Level switches are the simplest form of level instruments. However simple, a great number of technologies are offered to provide a full coverage of the level switching applications. One of the most versatile technologies is the Vibrating Fork Level Switch, offering significant benefits over other technologies. Semrad now offers a revamped and extended range of the popular NivoSWITCH Vibrating Fork Level Switch range, including models with short fork section featuring increased process vibration immunity.

How it Works; Vibrating Fork Level Switch

The NivoSWITCH Vibrating Fork Level Switch is suitable for applications under arduous conditions due to the unique signal processing incorporated in the NivoSWITCH. This level switch combines both frequency and amplitude sensors for unparalelled performance. Unlike some of our competition, our Vibrating Fork Level switches are able to perform even in extreme application conditions such as vibrating vessels, turbulent liquid surfaces as well as light granules, which are considered routine tasks for the ‘intelligent’ NivoSWITCH.

Advantages of the NivoSWITCH:

No moving parts

Self cleaning


Very long life

Simple installation

Short immersion length

Applications of the NivoSWITCH:

Level sensing of most liquid and solids

Corrosive, thick, turbulent and corrosive liquid level measurement

Level control of granules and powders

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