Bindicator Roto-PRO: Rotary Paddle Switch


Major Benefits of the Roto-PRO Rotary Paddle Switch;

Advanced Diagnostics The Bindicator Roto-PRO rotary paddle switch comes with more advanced diagnostics than ever before, providing functional diagnostics to detect faults even when the paddle is buried in material, which makes this rotary paddle switch stand up above the rest, which require their paddle to be free and moving for diagnostics to detect a fault. Differentiating Faults With the Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO rotary paddle level sensor, you are now able to distinguish between various faults through the distinct flash codes, ensuring your downtime is minimised. Genuine Fail-Safe The Roto-PRO provides an alarm relay that can be configured for high or low level fail-safe, and a separate auxillary relay for self diagnostics that operate when the paddle is in or out of material; giving you confidence that your system is functioning correctly. Universal Power Supply The old rotary paddle switches from Bindicator had different models depending on the voltage available on site, now with the Roto-PRO, you get a universal power supply, which is just one less thing that you have to worry about when picking out a model number or installing on site.  

Applications for Roto-PRO Rotary Paddle Switch

Overfill Protection. Point Level Measurement. Product Shortage Prevention. Plastic granules. Cement Industry. Metal Production. Animal Feed Industry.  

Benefits of the Bindicator Roto-PRO Level Sensor

Advanced diagnostics for improved fault detection. Fault differentiation with visible LED indicators. Test FOB to check unit functionality without removing the cover. True fail-safe operation. Sensitivity adjustments by adjusting motor torque. Motor pause for increased longevity. Alarm time delay. Universal power supply.

Product Description

Bindicator’s latest rotary paddle level sensor, the Roto-PRO, replaces the Super-Safe and Super-Safe Plus range of rotary paddle level sensors that were renowned for their true fail-safe operation and advanced self-diagnostics. The Roto-PRO (or Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO) rotary paddle switch is a more advanced unit that improves upon the Super-Safe’s fault detection, yet despite the added features, the Roto-PRO still retains the robust reliability and tough durability the Bindicator brand is so well known for.