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Product Description:

The market for capacitive level sensor is highly competitive with many different brands offering their own level sensors based on the capacitance principle. The NivoCap-CK capacitive level switch by Nivelco, distinguishes itself from the competition through a solid build quality, reliable performance and an impressive list of features. Nivelco's capacitive level sensor operates in the radio frequency range, which inherently delivers a high immunity for build-ups, making this capacitive level switch suitable for sticky materials other sensors may struggle to reliably read.

The smart electronics in Nivelco's capacitive level sensor continuously elevaluate the capacitance of the initial probe with the reference section. This value is compared with the value capacitance value between the reference probe and the housing. When material reaches the initial probe, the capacitance value will increase. This method results in minimal false alarms. Calibration is simple and can be done without opening the housing to ensure compliance with the Ex certification.


Features and Benefits of the Nivelco Capacitive Level Switch:

Intelligent electronic level switch.

Insensitive to build-ups and deposits.

LED display allows for simple calibration and set up.

Magnetic external calibration.

True fail-safe operation for critical applications.

Adjustable sensitivity settings.

Selectable response settings between 0-15 sec.

Vibration resistant electronic output.

Rod or cable extendable versions.

High temperature version.

IECEx Certification available.


Suitable Applications for Capacitive Sensors:

Reliable point level detection of solids and liquids.

Applications prone to false alarms due to build-ups.

Pharmaceutical and food industry.

Power generation processes.


NivoCap-CK Specifications:

Power Supply: 20-255V AC/DC.

Ambient temperature; -30°C to 60°C.

Medium temperature; -20°C to 235°C.

Medium pressure; Max. 25 bar.

Process Connection; 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" BSP/NPT.

Output: SPDT relay or SPST electronic switch.

Protection: IP67.

Ex marking: Ex ta IIIC T85°C…T220°C Da/Db

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