ENT-7-3000 Compact Capacitance Level Switch


Applications and Industries Served: For diesel, oil storage tanks and depots
Water storage tanks (fully insulated)
Aggregate and powder silos
Food manufacturing
Marine tank and draught gauging
Hot bitumen storage  
Features: Rigid, flexible and high temperature versions
Top or side mounting
High or low level alarms
Wide range of process connections available
4-20mA o/p to local indicator or BMS
Can be used on irregular shaped tanks  
Specifications: Power Supply: 85-265 Vac or 24 Vdc
Process Temperature: -20 to +500°C probe type dependent
Pressure: Max +20 bar and vacuum
Process Connections: 1″ and 1 ½” BSP and 1 ½” BSPT
Probe Protection: IP65/IP68

Product Description

The ENT 7 is a self-contained single point level switch designed to provide a switching signal at high or low levels in silos or vessels containing powders, granules or liquids.

The ENT 7 is housed in a compact weather and dust-proof enclosure and can therefore be used in most environments. Various probe confi gurations are available to meet different application requirements.

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