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The RangeFinder MWS-10RF FMCW level transmitter offers the latest in microwave sensor engineering in relation to radar distance measurement under the most extreme conditions. Utilizing all the latest advances in technology, it is quite literally the most advanced level transmitter of its kind, in the world.

Using the FM-CW measurement method, combined with circular polarized [rotary] microwaves, high performance components, fast intelligent signal processing and high tech user friendly mWave™ Software a highly accurate, extremely stable and reliable level measurement is achieved under the most adverse of circumstances.


1. Unaffected by Adverse Conditions

• The antenna can be installed in the high temperature zone without the need of additional cooling devices.

• The antenna and controller are easily connected by bent and straight waveguide tubing.

• Microwaves are unaffected by temperature, flames, vapor, airborne particles or dirt.

• Designed for iron and steel industry conditions.

2. Hccuracy and Reliability

• Error less than ±10mm.

• False measurements caused by double-reflected waves are eliminated through the use of circular polarized [rotary] microwaves.

• The accuracy of the measured range is not affected by fluctuating temperatures nor does it deteriorate over extended periods.

• Utilizes filters which eliminate spurious signals.

3. The Operational State is Shown on your Personal Computer

• The mWave™ displays the FFT spectrum, the received signal and various preset values.

• The received signal, FFT spectrum and the trend measurement are continuously displayed. This displayed data can be recorded and reviewed in real or accelerated time.

• Use of the recording and reviewing capabilities allows the system parameters to be optimized off-line and allows for remote troubleshooting/assistance.

• The display indicates and outputs the internal temperature and any abnormal conditions (i.e. low received signal power, rising temperature in the controller and communication failures).

4. Convenient Built in Functions

• A reference point and the required dynamic range are easily preset.

• Compatible for use with a personal computer.

• Automatic power supply 90~240V, 50/60Hz.

• Communicates with computer by RS-232C.

• 4-20mA, analogue output.

• RS-422 digital output and input terminals allow remote communication via LAN/ETHERNET.

5. Lightweight and Compact

• Portable. (7.5kg controller only)

• Easy installation.

6. High Adaptability

• Both hardware and software can be modified to suit your requirements

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