Nivelco EchoTREK - Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Sensors


Features: 2- or 4-wire compact ultrasonic level sensors Non-contact level sensing Narrow 5° beam angle Fully temperature compensated Excellent signal processing via QUEST+ software PP, PVDF, PTFE, stainless steel or foam faced transducers Optional field indicator and plug-in programmer/display Optional switching relay Built-in DataLogger Plastic or aluminium housing HART and PROFIBUS communication Secondary lightning protection Explosion-proof models   Applications: Almost any liquids Level, volume and open channel flow measurement Reliable measurement in challenging applications such as vapour/fume, stirrer, foam with liquids

Product Description

Nivelco EchoTREK ultrasonic sensors offer the best in liquid level measurement in a compact simple package. Developed using the established SenSonic range of narrow beam angle pulse echo transducers, EchoTREK units are available with measurement ranges up to 25 meters – with standard plastic, PTFE or stainless steel sensor faces. Installed on the tank roof, or above the liquid level surface to be measured, the transmitter gives an analogue output proportional to liquid level. Initial set-up is achieved using the simple plug-in display module: then the intelligent QUEST+ process adaptive signal processing software system ensures that the electronics identifies and validates the liquid surface signal, giving reliable level monitoring.

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