NivoTrack - Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter


NivoTrack Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter Features:

2-wire compact transmitter with HART protocol. Linearity: ± 0,25mm or ± 1mm. Resolution: 0.1mm or 1mm. Rigid or flexible probes up to 15 m. Wetted parts stainless steel or plastic. Plug-in field indicator module. 99 point linearisation. Distance, level and volume measurement. Level, distance, volume and differential metering. Explosion-proof models. OIML R85 certification and IECEx Certification.   Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter Common Applications: Liquids with min 0.5 kg/dm3 density. For custody transfer. Oil and gas industry. Flammable liquids and solvents. Chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons. Alcohols and beverages. Installation in bypass tubes feasible. Supplementary level transmitter for NivoFlip magnetic level indicator.  

NivoTrack Specifications:

Power supply: 12.5-36 V DC. Temperature: -40 °C to +90 °C. Pressure: max. 25 bar. Measuring range: 0.5 – 15 m. Output: 4-20 mA , HART. Process connection: 1”, 2” or flanges. Ingress protection: IP67. Approvals: OIML R85 certification Ex marking: ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIB T6…T5 ATEX II 2 G Ex d IIB T6…T5 ATEX II 1/2 G Ex d ia IIB T6…T5

Product Description

NivoTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitters is a high accuracy, precision level instrument with a range of accessories and configuration options, allowing the NivoTrack to be used extensively around the world for level monitoring and process control applications. Magnetostrictive level transmitter technology is commonly used in tank farms, fuel depots, diesel power stations for their highly accurate continuous level measurement. The magnetostrictive transmitters can be combined with a PLC or computer system for highly accurate online monitoring.

The NivoTrack magnetostrictive level transmitters are available as either a direct insertion transmitter or externally mounted in conjunction with a magnetic level indicator such as the NivoFlip magnetic level gauge, providing non-invasive level control ideal for high pressure, high temperature applications. The NivoTrack also comes with IECEx approval, enabling its use in hazardous areas around Australia.

The operating principle of magnetrostrictive level transmitters is a relatively simple one. It works using a magnetic disc contained within a float which moves along a tube according to the liquid level. The electronics produce a pulse that travels along the magnetostrictive wire inside the tube. When the pulse reaches the magnetic field from the float, a torsion develops, reflecting the pulse back to the sohpisticated electronics in the NivoTrack as an accountic wave. The resulting 4-20mA output is a result of the elapsed time between pulse generation and detection.