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Level Transmitters

What is a Level Transmitter?

A Level Transmitter is simply an instrument that provides continuous level measurement. Level transmitters can be used to determine the level of a given liquid or bulk-solid at any given time. This is different to a level switch which only alarms when the level of material (liquid or bulk-solid) reaches a predetermined level.

Some of our ultrasonic level transmitters from Nivelco are perfect for level sensing in many kinds of environment. Nivelco’s ultrasonic level transmitters have been used in level sensing applications in many areas, from confectionery to oil, and from sewerage to potable water stores. Our Nivelco ultrasonic level transmitters will continue level sensing accurately even when gaseous vapours, dust and foam may hinder some other brands.

Our microwave level transmitters can be used in the harshest environments, and come with IECEx approval, so you know they’ve been tried and tested. We currently have Nivelco’s guided microwave level transmitters installed all over Australia working in the typically harsh environmental conditions.