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Nivelco ThermoCONT-T | Temperature Sensor
Nivelco ThermoCONT-T | Temperature Sensor

Nivelco ThermoCONT-T | Temperature Sensor


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The ThermoCONT-T series of temperature sensors by Nivelco are solid and reliable performers. They can without temperatures ranging from -50°C up to 600°C, making them useful for many industries such as petrochemicals, food etc (check out the ice-cream case study above). There are multiple model options available so please contact us for to find out which temperature sensor model suits your application.

ThermoCONT-T Temperature Sensor;


Thermocouples and RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors)

Temperature range from -50°C up to +600°C

A or B accuracy class in accordance to EN 60751

2- or 4-wire types

Single or dual sensor versions

Fast response sensor version

Stainless steel probes

PFA coated version

Max. 3m probe length

Vibration-resistant version

Ex versions


Temperature metering in tanks, tubes, furnaces or boilers

Can be mounted to special technological places

For temperature metering of liquids, vapours, gases

Temperature metering in bearings

Special versions for unique applications

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