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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring in Process Control
Monitoring the temperature of wheat silos, fuels and storage tanks can be a critical part of your process control system. This is why Semrad stocks several highly accurate and reliable temperature sensors with a range of communications options so our temperature sensors will suit a wide variety of applications.
Industrial Temperature Sensors
Industrial applications require industrial grade instruments such as our Nivelco Thermocont-TN, which is a robust temperature probe specifically designed for use in harsh environments requiring single point temperature monitoring such as oil, gas and steam pipelines. However, if you need a temperature monitoring instrument that can monitor the temperature at multiple depths, we have multi-point temperature sensors that can do exactly that, particularly useful in applications concerned with temperature profiles such as grain and wheat silos.

If you have an application that you believe would benefit from one of our temperature sensors, please feel free to give us a call or send through an email and we’ll  be sure to provide you with our best possible advice.