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THERMOPOINT two-wire temperature transmitters are suitable for continuous multipoint temperature-measurement, -indication and - transmission of normal and hazardous liquids, powders or granular solids. Temperature of grain, feed stored in silos needs to be monitored for maintaining quality of the stored medium. Monitoring of the total volume of the silo is needed to provide information on accidental quality loss or appearance of germs or fungus. Eventual temperature increases will alert the operator to perform operation or recycling the medium. Temperature measurement is done by electronic temperature sensors placed at equal distances in the probe.

Each sensor sends the actual measured temperature of its environment to the transmitter head. The 2-wire loop-operated transmitter head communicates through HART protocol with control room devices, such as a MultiCONT or a PC. A solient advantage of the MultiCONT based system is that, if level measurement is required the system can be extended with a level transmitter. The advantage of using a multifunction system is that a new transmitter can easily be inserted into the existing loop, using the existing HART communication.



2-wire multipont temperature transmitter
Max. 30m probe length
Max. 15 sensors
Max 35kN tensile force
Digitally addressed sensors
HART communication
Ex ia or Dust Ex protection


For normal and hazardous materials
Temperature measurement of liquids, or powdered, granular or free flowing solids
Grain industry
Feed industry
Food industry
Oil Industry and Tank Farms

Semrad Pty Ltd is a leading Australian distributor of level switches and level transmitters, designed specifically for harsh industrial applications, including caustic and chemical solutions.

Semrad is dedicated to providing customers with the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions for the measurement and control of liquid and bulksolids level.
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