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Kistler Morse MicroCell Bolt-On Strain Sensor


  • Simple Bolt On Technology
  • Simple Mounting Configuration
  • 75 Years MTBF
  • Uses Existing Vessel Structure
  • Quick Config
  • Sentry DSP Filter
  • High Speed, High Resolution Weight Conversion
  • Alphanumeric Backlit LCD Display
  • Nema 4x Enclosure

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Product Description

When you need weight inventory you want to use a weighing system. The Microcell® is a highly sensitive and thermally stable semiconductor strain gauge sensor, Kistler-Morse pioneered bolt-on technology for measuring the contents of a wide range of bulk storage vessels. This sensor is still the standard way to measure the weight-induced strain in a vessel with a leg support structure. When Microcells are bolted on the vertical legs of a vessel, it converts the vessel into a weighing system. Adding weight to a vessel compresses the gauge, changing the Microcell’s resistance which produces an electrical output proportional to the material weight change.
The Microcell is quickly and easily installed while the vessel is still in productive use. An empty vessel is not required for installation or calibration. For use on existing vessels with legs, the Microcell is a cost-effective weighing solution compared to having to modify vessels for other types of weighing sensors. In combination with your existing vessels, the versatility of the Microcell can supply a cost effective, easy to install, easy to maintain, highly reliable industrial strength weighing system. For cost and performance, nothing can compare with the Microcell when weight is needed and weight is wanted.