LD3 Strain Gauge System


Features and Benefits of the LD3 Strain Gauge: ORB Enabled; Remotely manage your inventory and stock levels from off-site locations via the internet. Versatile Load Cell for Dry to Wet Applications; Due to its low cost and high performance, this load cell is suitable for applications ranging from bulk dry solids to sanitary washdown or corrosive environments. Cleanability and Strength For CIP/SIP; Built-in vessel hold-down eliminates mechanical pivot points, a source of bacteria traps and system errors. Less time spent cleaning. NEMA-6P / IP68 Submersion Rating, 17-4 ph 900 SS Construction; Unsurpassed waterproof protection and corrosion resistance for long life in rigorous CIP wash down and corrosive areas. Minimal Deflection; Better system performance on tanks with pipes and process plumbing connections versus load cells that need stay rods or check rods. Features and Benefits: Quick Config Sentry DSP Filter High Speed, High Resolution Weight Conversion Alphanumeric Backlit LCD Display Nema 4x Enclosure

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