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Safety Systems

Semrad Safety Systems, Putting you First!
Safety is a huge concern here at Semrad,not only for our own employee’s but also for those who are working out on site around high voltage power lines, which is why we stock a range of industrial safety systems such as the high voltage proximity detectors and crane collision avoidance systems.
Our High Voltage Proximity Alarms
Our high voltage proximity detectors come in two main variants, a wired and a wireless version. The wired high voltage proximity uses a cable to detect the proximity of high voltage power lines along the length of the truck, crane jib or excavator boom. Our wireless variant is able to detect a high voltage power line from a single sensor and is far easier to install, but won’t give you the same coverage as our wired high voltage power line proximity alarm.

To find out more about our industrial safety systems and high voltage power line proximity alarms, please browse the pages below, or feel free to send us an email or give us a call.