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Wireless High Voltage Proximity Alarm


Special Features of the Wireless High Voltage Powerline Proximity Alarm:

Wireless E-field detection in 50 and 60 Hz over a wide range of sensitivity

Between 1 and 4 wireless high-voltage sensors integrated into the network

optional capabilities to log events to PC/laptop via data ports of via wireless link

Logs date, time, and warnings given to operator

LCD screen is stock on base models

Relay output for each alarm

Audio warning tones

Optional speech synthesiser moodule

Adjustable limits for warnings. Default leve after boot is maximum sensitivity

12/24 Volt operation for base unit

Continuously ‘on’ system for remote users

Resistant to environmental moisture, shock and heat.

Self-checking for network and communications status.

Flash upgradeable firmware in base unit

Small Size single module

Continuous status monitor

Real time monitoring from remote locations

Real time alerts over mobile network

Real time asset tracking and mapping in 2D and 3D using ESRI and Bing maps

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Product Description

The High Voltage Proximity Alarm has been designed to alert mask and boom vehicle operators to the danger of contact with live, high-voltage powerlines. The result of such an incident could result in equipment damage, injury or even death.  According to WorkCover, there are over 50 of these incidents every year, which is why Semrad takes our Safety systems so seriously!

The Wireless High Voltage Power-line Proximity Alarm is suitable for use in many working situations. Here’s a list of the most comon applications for our wireless high voltage proximity alarm.

Construction; Heavy equipment such as cranes, power shovels, concrete pumps and dump trucks.

Utility Companies; Aerial towers and platforms

Fire Department; Snorkel units, aerial towers and platforms, aerial ladders.

Railroads; Locomotive cranes and railroad wreckers

Miscellaneous; Farming equipment, portable drilling rigs, house movers an truck mounted “A” frames

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