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High Voltage Power Line Proximity Alarm – Excavator 110


Features: System goes to maximum sensitivity when first activated. The system can be activated automatically at engine start-up, or by use of the power switch on the control panel. The entire length of the boom, from tip to base, is protected. Any part of the boom that enters the warning zone will set off the alarm. The complete system test function, tests and confirms the alarm sensing circuitry, antenna, alarm horn and alarm light and may be initiated at any time by the operator. No false alarms due to external interference. Can provide warning of lightning. Simple adjustment of warning zone, voltage of power lines is not needed. Simple installation.

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Product Description

We all know that working around powerlines can be dangerous work. If you have someone inside a crane, tipper or fire engine which happens to accidentally touch a high voltage powerline, the result can be disasterous. The person inside cannot get out or touch anything metallic inside the cabin, the tyres may catch fire, electical system can be fried. The high voltage power line proximity alarm has been designed to alert the driver/controller to the proximity of high voltage power lines to help prevent traumatic and expensive accidents from occurring. The Excavator 110 is a solid state electronic safety system that provides both audible and visual warning signals to alert the operator and attending ground personnel when the boom comes within proximity of an energised high-voltage power-line.

How it Works

Semrad’s HVPD-110 power line proximity warning system is a reliable and finely tuned “radio” designed to receive only one selective and potentially life threatening “STATION”; the detectable field present around all high voltage power lines. Unlike your radio, which may pick up unwanted stations and/or static, your High Voltage Power Line Proximity Detector will only receive 50Hz. The unit can also be adjusted to alarm at 60Hz for countries using 60Hz power lines.

The strength of the signal (field) depends on the voltage and the distance from the lines. For example, the field strength of 240 volts at 4.5m would be roughly the same as created by 24,000 volts at 45m. Simple adjustment of COARSE and FINE controls on the HVPD unit permit accurate and repeatable settings at which an operator would like a warning. After the original desired setting is made, a visual and audible alarm will occur whenever the “danger zone” is approached.

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