GA1 Grease Trap Sensor


Features of GA1 Grease Trap Sensor: Multi-purpose unit for various fundamental processes Complies with EN 1825 and DIN 404 standards Simple installation and set-up Remote functionality Specialised for Grease and Oil separators   Suitable Applications for GA1 Grease Trap Sensor: Environmentally friendly applications Suitable for use in applications requiring high standards of water treatment Designed for use in remote monitoring systems Application in automotive and transport industries Monitoring of run-off of kitchen waste

Product Description

The GA1 Grease Trap Sensor is used in detection of grease in tanks to prevent environmental contamination. Capacitance technology is applied to monitor the level of the water-grease interface, using the difference in the dielectric values of the materials . This provides a reliable reading, as the dielectric values of the media present can be distinguished and used as reference. This unit can be used in conjunction with remote monitoring systems, providing reliable remote access to valuable site information and alarms. This site information can be made available to any device with verifiable security credentials and internet connectivity, such as a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. For more information regarding further applications of the grease trap sensor, feel free to contact us.

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