LDI ROW EXD - Oil Slick Detection


  • Non-contact measuring
  • Up to 8m range
  • Detect down to a 1μm film of hydrocarbons on water
  • Robust IP68 enclosure
  • Output options for relay, analogue, and MODBUS
  • IECEx certified
  • Detect a full range of hydrocarbons

Product Description

Remote Optical Watcher – ROW is an autonomous non-contact sensor that detects oil on water in real time. It uses oil’s natural fluorescence to detect anything from marine diesel to vegetable oil to jet fuel, and alerts you immediately. Highly accurate and easy to maintain, the ROW finds oil spills fast for an early response.

Fresh oil spills form emulsions on the water surface. Some oils such as kerosene or gasoline quickly evaporate. Over time, oil emulsions become heavier and sink beneath the surface making detection or cleaning efforts more difficult. Early oil spill detection in the first minutes or hour becomes vitally critical for quick reaction and disaster mitigation. Booms, absorbent agents, or skimmers can be deployed; similarly, water ways can be diverted or valves shut-off to limit damage.

The ROW detects the most common oils used across multiple industries from heavy oils (crude*, bunker fuels etc.) to medium (diesel, lubricant etc.) and even light fractions (kerosene, jet fuel etc.). With the ROW’s optical technology for non-contact monitoring, there is no marine biofouling or oil contaminating the sensor. This limits the need for regular cleaning. Requiring only 2W (@12VDC) of continuous power, the ROW is fully compatible with off-grid solar/battery set up and connects seamlessly to your 3rd party telemetry.

With standard CE, EPA, and ATEX/IECEx accreditation by DNV, you can rest assured the ROW is independently 3rd party certified to meet your local regulations.


Where the LDI ROW has been implemented?

  • Power Plants
  • Fuel Depots
  • Oil Refineries
  • Oil Platforms
  • Oil Terminals
  • Airports
  • Waste Water
  • Hydro dams
  • Drinking Water
  • Irrigation Canals
  • Aqua Culture
  • Drinking Water
  • Manufacturing – Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Metal, Food and Beverage, Cement, and Microchip