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Oil Water Interface Detectors for Separators

Oil on Water Interface Detectors
Oil on Water interface detectors may sound like an unusual or rather specific level instrument, however these instruments are crucial in many industries to measure the thickness and level of separated oils for oil spill control, saving your oil from being wasted and the environment from being contaminated. These instruments are often used in skids and drainage systems where it is common to find a build-up of oils that may spill during a rain event or other influx of water.

Oil in Water Concentration Monitors
Often the EPA has strict regulations regarding the discharge of wastewater and insists on monitoring the wastewater for certain pollutants such as oils, acids, heavy metals etc. Semrad’s oil in water monitors analyse the concentration of hydrocarbons (oils) in water, allowing you to provide complete reports to the EPA for regulations compliance. Semrad also stocks portable hydrocarbon analysers to enable you to analyse ppm oil in water concentrations across multiple sites using a single unit.