EasyTREK Model SPA-380-4


Features: 2- wire compact transmitter Low cost Non-contact level measuring Narrow 5° beam angle Temperature compensated Excellent signal processing via QUEST+ software PP, PVDF housing Secondary lightning protection HART communication Explosion-proof models

Product Description

The EasyTREK level transmitter is a rugged, high performance ultrasonic level measurement transmitter, having the transducer and processing electronics incorporated into a single housing.

EasyTREK Cuts Costs – EasyTREK is a new, low cost level transmitter unit from Nivelco: it has all the sophisticated echo detection features of the well accepted EchoTREK measurement systems, packaged into the 2  wire EasyTREK sensor housing. For single tank applications the 4-wire version provides a simple level transmitter, with a power relay set of contacts: this can be programmed using a magnetic key. For multiple tank applications 2-wire level transmitters are recommended using HART multi-drop systems linked to the Nivelco Multicont controller, or a modem plus PC. Both styles of level transmitter can be programmed via HART.

Liquid Measurement – whether for liquid level measurement in sumps or tanks, for tank contents measurement, or open channel flow measurement, EasyTREK level transmitters provide the answer. All EasyTREK level transmitters use the same processing electronics and communications, the transducer itself varies only to give different range. All 5 models are available in 2-wire and 3 models come as 4-wire versions for rain and drainage (including drifting objects).

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