Non-Submerible Pressure Sensor | Pressure Transmitter


Features: Directly measure dry air gas pressure Pressure accuracy is 0.02% full scale Accuracy over temperature range exceeds ±0.02ft. (6mm) of water Built-in temperature compensation Operating temperature range -40 to +60C Easy to use Simple RS-232 Menu Interface SDI-12 output provides measurement data in engineering units such as feet or meters Standard mode: Quadrature, 0-5V, and RS-232 Industrial mode: 4-20mA and RS-485 Interface for Modbus/H-355 Gas Purge System Control Easy to use with H-355 Gas Purge System Compatible with RS-232 Data Logger Enclosure is nonconductive and corrosion proof Low current operation (Less than 1mA standby) Extended SDI-12 command for setting the Stage to the current water elevation or pressure Programmable continuous update outputs Measure Rate mode

Product Description

The WaterLOG® H-3531 FlashLite™ is a NIST traceable pressure sensor. The sensor directly measures dry gas with accuracy better than 0.02% FSO. Combining high accuracy and low cost, the H-3531 FlashLite™ is the clear choice.

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