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Wadeco Blocked Chute Detector MWS-ST/SR-2-24C




1. 50m Range with heterodyne detection Approx.

50m range with a Ø27mm antenna, thanks to the Heterodyne detection method.

2. High penetration

Easily penetrates process buildup on antenna, firebrick, refractory etc., thanks to the increased operating range.

3. Unaffected by adverse environments

The sensor is unaffected by surface contaminants, flames, steam, vapor or airborne particles.

4. Simple beam alignment

Easy initial beam alignment at installation, thanks to the wide beam angle.

5. Selectable detection mode

Either broken beam (BLOCK) or unbroken beam (UNBLOCK) detection method may be selected.

6. On delay time rheostat

On delay time, adjustable 0.1~10secs., prevents instantaneous detection of falling material whist filling.

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Product Description

The MWS-ST/SR-2-24C type microwave sensor is a level switch consisting of a transmitter (MWS-ST-2-24C) and a receiver (MWS-SR-2-24C) installed face-to-face. The transmitter emits a continuous, low power microwave beam towards the receiver and an output relay is released when the beam is obstructed.

The sensor has wide application across all areas of industry where highly reliable, non-contact level detection is required. The sensor is generally used for process control by monitoring presence/absence of product, flow/no flow conditions and point level detection in bins and silos. The sensor may also be used as a proximity switch for detection of vehicles such as dump trucks and rail cars.

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