Liquid-Level Bin-Dicator Level Switch


Features and Benefits of the Liquid-Level Bin-Dicator: Actuates Overflow and Low Level Alarms; Alarms on presence or absence of liquids Indicates High and/or Low Liquid Levels; Allows user versatility depending on needs of the application Optional Side Mounting; Can be mounted on side of vessel by using a standard 90º aluminum pipe elbow with 1” MPT and a standard aluminum coupling of 1” NPT.

Product Description

Multiple models available, please contact us to find out what model suits your needs.Semrad is proud to annouce our new commitment to Bindicator as the sole Australian Distributors. As the Australian Distributors, we stock and sell all Bindicator products exclusively to Australia. The Bindicator range is renowned for it tough reliability and high level of performance which makes the Bindicators product range perfect for our harsh environment.

Non-Contact Liquid Level Bin-Dicator® control is a low cost, floatless, pressure sensitive, diaphragm actuated switch that automates the filling and emptying of containers. The actuated switch requires 5” of head pressure on the riser for actuation. Durable, trouble-free performance is assured because none of the few moving parts come in contact with the liquid. A standard 1” pipe and coupling is all that is required for top of the vessel mounting on almost any size or shape vessel.

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