Multi-Point Level Switches - Nivelco NivoPoint


Features and Benefits of the NivoPoint Level Switch: Operation without power supply. Reed switches separated from the process. Wetted parts stainless steel or plastic. Up to 5 switching points. Vertical adjustability of all switch points. Multiple process connections available to suit your application. Explosion proof models available.

Common Applications for NivoPoint Multi-Point Level Switch: Liquids with min. density 0.5kg/dm3, or 0.8kg/dm3. Multi-Point level switching in closed tanks. Chemicals with dense vapour or gas layer above the surface. Foaming Liquids. Multi-Point level indication. High and High-High level switching.

NivoPoint Multi-Point Level Switch Specifications: Switch rating; 250V AC, 3A/reed relay, max. 9A. Medium temperature; -40°C to 150°C Medium pressure; up to 25 bar Process Connection; 1″ or 2″ BSP/NPT or flanges. Ingress protection; IP65, IP68

Product Description

The NivoPoint Multi-Point Level Switch is a versatile, cost effective level switch used for detecting liquid level at multiple points as the tank fills/empties. Common applications for multi-point level switches include controlling pumps and valves, high and high-high level detection. The NivoPoint can have a maximum of 5 reliable reed switches in the probe, giving you 5 switching points, configured to your application, all in a single level switch. The NivoPoint only requires a single openning in the tank for installation, allowing for tidy wiring and cheaper installation.

The NivoPoint is highly configurable, allowing you to configure the probe length, process connection, number of switches and switch positions. The stainless steel and plastic coated versions also open up multi-point level switching for a range of different liquids including aggressive liquids.

The NivoPoint multi-point level switch operates on the simple principle of a magnetic floating ball that floats on top of your liquid and rises/falls with the liquid level. The magnetic ball is guided by a track that includes a series of reliable switches placed exactly where you require them. As the ball floats past each switch, the switches are either opened or closed (depending on your configuration), indicating the level. You can have up to 5 different switching positions, completely configurable to your application.

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