SureSense The Foam Control Probe


Features: Suitable for all water based foam applications Proven technology Efficient, microprocessor control Unique IMA Sensing® technology ensures reliability Cuts antifoam costs Increases throughput by reducing downtime Hygienic and steam-sterillisable sensors Large range of fittings to suit all sizes and make of vessel Range of enclosures; Wall, Rack, Benchtop. Suitable for use in hazardous areas Both Foam Control and Foam and Level Control Systems available

Product Description

Foam generation can cause a variety of expensive and time consuming problems. Excess foam can severely limit throughput of product in a process, there can be high cost implications in clearing up and loss of production should foam overflow, and there is a possibility of pollution and damage to equipment if the situation were to become critical.

Our SureSense Sensor’s, when used with an appropriate Foam Controller, provide efficient and cost effective foam control over a wide range of water based process applications.

Product PDFs: