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Microwave Barrier Level Check LC 510


  •  Reliable, contactless microwave technology
  • Up to 25 meters distance between emitter and receiver
  • Is not affected by dirt, dust or steam
  • Does not interfere with the material
  • Very flexible with adjustable amplification, filter, hysteresis and delay
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Wear- and maintenance-free
  • 100% safe operation with active self-monitoring
  • ATEX protection (optional up to zone 20/21)

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Product Description

The microwave barrier Level Check LC 510 is designed for level monitoring of solids in silos, container, bunkers, crushers, shafts etc. It can monitor min/max levels, ensure continuous supply and prevent overfilling.

The Level Check LC 510 can also be used to detect jamming on conveyor belts, count goods, position items or hedge dangerous areas. The device is robust, easy to install and is not affected by dirt, dust or steam


Animal feed industry, building materials, cement industry, ceramics, chemical industry, detergent industry, food industry, glass production, metal production, minerals and mining, pharmaceuticals pigment production, power plants, pulp and paper, recycling industry, synthetic materials, textiles, waste incineration etc.


The Level Check LC 510 is based on the newest microwave technology. An emitter sends out a low-power microwave beam which is received by an opposite device. The two devices can be placed up to 25 meters apart. Any material between them is detected and a switching process started. This allows for monitoring of  minimum / maximum fill levels in silos, or detects objects entering or leaving the microwave barrier.

The measurement is contact-free and does not impact the bulk material. All settings like amplification, filter, hysteresis, delay can be adjusted, making the system very flexible. Optional versions for ATEX up to zone 20/21 and pressure up to 30-60 bar extend its area of use. The Level Check LC 510 is compact and is installed within minutes.

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