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Bindicator Roto-PRO: Rotary Paddle Switch
The brand new fail-safe rotary paddle switch from Bindicator, the Roto-PRO, features advanced self-diagnostics even in product, and true fail-safe operation! This robust level indicator is one of the best on the market, click to find out more!
NivoFloat NL Float Ball Level Switch
The NivoFloat NL float ball level switch is a simple, cost effective level switch that provides you with reliable level switching for overfill protection and pump run-dry applications.
Muetec HUMY-3000 Moisture Monitor
The HUMY-3000 by Muetec is a highly sophisticated German engineered microwave moisture monitor, designed to allow you to monitor and control the moisture levels of dry bulk-solids in your process, such as powders and grains.
MF-3000 Bulk Solids Mass Flow Meter
The MF-3000 is a highly accurate, robust and reliable mass flow meter specifically designed to measure the flow of bulk solids. The MF-3000 utilises advanced microwave technology to accurately measure mass flow rates.

Semrad has over 20 years of experience in providing the Australian industry with high quality, highly reliable level measurement. By using equipment such as our level switches and level transmitters, we are able to create entire systems that have been tailored to your application. Our extensive range of level switches and level transmitters ensure we will be able to provide an effective level measurement solution for your application in a range of different environments and mediums.

Level transmitters are level measuring devices that continuously transmit the level of a medium inside a tank or vessel, and are often used in tank monitoring, fuel and inventory management. Level switches do not provide continuous level measurement; rather they determine whether a material has reached a certain level. This type of level measurement provided by level switches is useful for installing emergency shutdown procedures to prevent spills or pumps running dry. Aside from critical functions, level switches also provide an easy way to determine whether a tank is full or empty, and are often used when the in-between values are irrelevant.

Semrad also has vast experience in designing systems from the ground up to provide custom solutions for tank monitoring and weighing system applications. These tank monitoring and weighing systems use our high quality instruments to sense the level or weight of a tank or silo which can then feed information back to a local indication panel or online website so you can access that critical information no matter where you are. These tank monitoring and weighing systems can be customised for individual applications, so don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can best help you!

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