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SDM ECO – Slurry Density Meter


The major features and benefits of the SDM ECO are:

  • Real-time slurry density monitoring
  • Accurate and reliable density measurements
  • Abrasion-resistant sensors
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Easy to use by 7″ touchscreen display
  • Safe technology (non-nuclear)
  • Can be used in half-filled pipes

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Product Description

The Rhosonics SDM stands for Slurry Density Meter, which is a category of instruments that allows for measuring the density of slurries in real-time. This density gauge uses a non-intrusive ultrasonic sensor to measure the real-time density of mineral slurries under high-density levels and at very large pipes. Moreover, the SDMs have a robust design with sensors made of highly abrasion-resistant materials, making them ideal for rough process conditions.

Rhosonics helps mineral processing plants and other industries to replace nuclear density gauges by non-hazardous ultrasonic technology. Consequently, operators can achieve process optimisation in a safer, more reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective way. This is how Rhosonics contributes to a greener and smarter industry.

On November 2nd, 2023, Rhosonics released the latest version of the SDM, the SDM ECO. The SDM ECO is an upgrade of the SDM-4 in terms of accuracy, response time, operating temperature range, and sensor design. In addition to that, the SDM ECO can be controlled by a 7’’ touchscreen display, laptop, via optional Wi-Fi, or from anywhere with server access.

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