Wireless ConsoliDator | Data Transmitter


Features: Remote Monitoring & Alarming Reduces Installation Costs Reduces Remote Reading Costs Monitor Up to Eight Signals Up to 1200 Feet Indoors, 5 Miles Outdoors Monitor & Datalog in Remote Office Multi-Use of Data Pre-Wired Sub-Panel Preprogrammed Wireless Modules

Product Description

Wireless technology provides a wider range of options for solving application problems. If you need to get a signal across a road or highway, or through a concrete wall, or atop a very tall building, wireless is a very practical solution.

Save Money

If you’ve had to run a network of wires overhead, underground, through walls, or under floors you know how expensive this can be. Hard wiring can cost $30 to $240 per metre. Even higher in some cases. There are numerous other costs associated with hard wiring such as towers, trenching, paving, cabling, conduit, permits, and delays. So whether considering a new application, or retrofitting an old, a Wireless ConsoliDator solution can save you thousands of dollars.

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