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Product Description:

Wireless technology provides a wider range of options for solving application problems. If you need to get a signal across a road or highway, or through a concrete wall, or atop a very tall building, wireless is a very practical solution.

Save Money

If you've had to run a network of wires overhead, underground, through walls, or under floors you know how expensive this can be. Hard wiring can cost $30 to $240 per metre. Even higher in some cases. There are numerous other costs associated with hard wiring such as towers, trenching, paving, cabling, conduit, permits, and delays. So whether considering a new application, or retrofitting an old, a Wireless ConsoliDator solution can save you thousands of dollars.



Remote Monitoring & Alarming
Reduces Installation Costs
Reduces Remote Reading Costs
Monitor Up to Eight Signals
Up to 1200 Feet Indoors, 5 Miles Outdoors
Monitor & Datalog in Remote Office
Multi-Use of Data
Pre-Wired Sub-Panel
Preprogrammed Wireless Modules

Semrad Pty Ltd is a leading Australian distributor of level switches and level transmitters, designed specifically for harsh industrial applications, including caustic and chemical solutions.

Semrad is dedicated to providing customers with the most cost effective and technically advanced solutions for the measurement and control of liquid and bulksolids level.
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