IEC Approved Rate Totalizer ProtEX-RTA PD6820


Key Features Informative & Easy to Read Display The high contrast, backlight LCD display is easy to read from far away and under various lighting conditions. The upper display is 0.7″ high and shows 5 digits of flow rate. The lower display is 0.4″ high and shows either flow total or a tag with 7 alphanumeric characters. And best of all, the display is mounted right up against the glass so it can be seen from a wide viewing angle.   Through-Glass SafeTouch® Buttons The PD6820 is equipped with four sensors that operate as through-glass buttons so that it can be programmed and operated without removing the cover (and exposing the electronics) in a hazardous area. These buttons can be disabled for security by selecting the LOCK setting on the switch located on the connector board in the base of the enclosure. To actuate a button, press one finger to the glass directly over the marked button area. When the cover is removed, four mechanical buttons located next to the sensors are used.   Modern, Sleek and Practical Enclosure The first thing customers notice about a product is its enclosure and the ProtEX-RTA really shines here. The copper-free (0.30%), smooth, die-cast aluminum NEMA 4X (IP68) enclosure is finished with a corrosion resistant epoxy coating that literally does make the ProtEX-RTA shine. The built-in mounting flanges make for convenient wall or pipe mounting and there is even a slot on the back of the enclosure for centering on the pipe. There are two ¾” NPT conduit holes for wiring.   Isolated Open Collector Output The isolated open collector output on the PD6820 may be assigned for use with the alarm or totalizer (pulse output). The rating of the output is 30 VDC @ 150 mA max.   Quick Specs: • 4-20 mA Input Loop-Powered • Modern, Sleek and Practical Enclosure • 5-Digit, 0.7″ (17.8 mm) Upper Display • 7 Alphanumeric Character, 0.4″ (10.2 mm) Lower Display • 7-Digit Totalizer • SafeTouch® Through-Glass Button Programming • Password Protection • 32-Point , Square Root, or Exponential Linearization • Rate in Units per Second, Minute, Hour, or Day • Open Collector Pulse or Alarm Output • Loop or External DC-Powered Backlight Standard • 3.0 V Drop (6.0 V with Backlight) • Explosion-Proof, IP68, NEMA 4X Enclosure • Flanges for Wall or Pipe Mounting • HART® Protocol Transparent • Operates from -40 to 75°

Product Description

The new ProtEX-RTA PD6820 explosion-proof rate/totalizer brings modern design, easy readability, and enhanced functionality to hazardous areas around the world in a way never seen before. Competitors have lost sight of the fact that the primary thing customers want to do with meters such as these is to look at them. Customers want a meter that looks nice so they can be proud to install it in their facility. And they want a meter with a display that provides the important information about their process, can be seen under varied lighting conditions, from wide angles, and from a distance. The PD6820 delivers all these and more.

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