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Xonic 100LM – Open Channel Flow Meter


  • Transit-Time flow meter
  • For rivers, streams, and irrigation canals
  • Rectangular, trapezoidal, or round channel profiles
  • 2 or 4 path cross flow installation
  • 30m measuring width
  • 0.01m/s sensitivity
  • 0-10m/s velocity range
  • 4-20mA, relay, and RS485 Modbus output
  • Datalogger function

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Product Description

Xonic100LM Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter use ultrasonic transit-time method for flow velocity and use level meter to receive level data. Xonic 100LM not only measure velocity, but measure sound speed and can compensate temperature change by it’s own diagnostic functions. Xonic 100LM is newly developed and has very sophisticated diagnostic functions for better performance.

How it works

Xonic 100LM use Cross- Correlation and Fast Fourier Transform technics to measure more accurate flow rate. This DSP technology makes Xonic 100LM more reliable, maintainable and accurate. Xonic 100LM use certified new technology PATENTED “Very precise time measurement method” and also use PATENT “Transducer Design for Open Channel”. The patent is about transducers alignment method in field, and engineers can align one transducers to opposite transducer very precisely with laser pointer.
Xonic 100LM measure flow velocity directly with patented 4 path transducers. Transducers are located at the end of each side to prevent any obstructions, and level is located on the top of the open channel, and accuracy is within 2% of actual flow.

In case of winding open channel, Xonic 100LM can use Cross Flow Installation to keep better accuracy. Path 1 & 3, Path 2 & 4 can be installed as cross path to keep better accuracy.


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