Doppler Flow Meter - DFM51


Features and Benefits of the Doppler Flow Meter;

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Sensor.
Large, Backlit LCD Display.
12-Digit Totaliser.
Reverse Flow Measurement.
Isolated 4-20mA (1000 ohm).
2 Programmable Control Relays.
Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment.
Built in 5-key Calibrator.
Optional, 2 Million Point Data Logger with USB to Flash Memory.

Typical Applications for the Doppler Flow Meter;

The Doppler Flow Meter is typically utilised in applications where the liquids may contain suspended solids or bubbles that would impact the performance or durability of an in-line flow meter.
The sensor must be mounted on a section of pipe where the turbulence is kept to a minimum. For this reason, the ultrasonic sensor must be mounted 6-10 pipe diameters from elbows, and tee’s, and more than 30 pipe diameters from pumps, controlling valves and pipe discharges. The sensor will also be suitable for any contiguous pipe material that conducts sound, however materials such as concrete which contain air or loose liners, will be more suitable for our ForceMeter.

Product Description

The Doppler Flow Meter can monitor the flow rate of dirty or aerated liquids that would damage regular in-ine flow meters such as; wastewater, chemicals, acids, slurries, abrasives and viscous liquids.  The ultrasonic sensor of the dopper flow meter is mounted on the outside of the pipe where an ultrasonic signal is reflected back to the sensor from moving particles or gas bubbles suspended in the fluid. The pipe can range from 12.5mm (1/2″) inside diameter or greater.

The Doppler Flow Meter includes an isolated 4-20mA to transmit flow rates to remote displays, recorded or controllers. The programmable relays can be used for flow control, pump protection or flow proportionate pulse.

Product PDFs: