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FS-600E Solids Flow Monitoring – Analogue or Switch


  • Reliable and contact-free electrostatic measurement principle
  • Option to trend flow with 4-20mA output
  • Integral measurement
  • Adjustable sensitivity, damping and switching point
  • Simple and quick installation into existing pipelines
  • Often without cutting or welding
  • For pipe diameters from 10-100 mm available
  • No moving parts, limited wear and maintenance
  • Robust design out of stainless steel

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Product Description

The FlowSwitch FS 600 is monitoring the mass flow of solids within small pipelines. It is a robust electrostatic flow indicator and works well with all kinds of pneumatic conveying and freefall systems. It can detect conveying or feeding problems with powders, dust, pellets and granules. This helps to prevent plant failure due to clogging, material loss, idle or other issues.

The measurement of the FS 600 is based on the electrostatic or extended triboelectric principle. Particles permanently collide with each other and are charged in a natural way. If these electrically charged particles are flying next to the sensor of the FS 600 or touch it, the particles are detected via a charge transfer. Resting particles, such as deposits etc., do not affect the measurement. The ring sensor measures integrally and without contact over almost the entire pipe cross-section. If the FS 600 is equipped with a relay, a switching operation is triggered at a certain flow rate, e.g. an alarm signal is raised. Alternatively, the sensor can be ordered with an analogue output (4-20 mA) for trend analysis. The FS 600 has a compact design, it is only 20 to 30 mm wide, and is prepared for installation between DIN or ANSI flanges. The sensor can usually be installed without cutting and welding the pipe. Multiple versions for pipe diameters from 10 to 100 mm are available. The robust design and construction of the FS 600 ensures a long service life. All essential elements are made of stainless steel, the electronics are well protected and the pipeline can be pressurized up to 40 bar.




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