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Microwave Flow Switch FS 510


  • Reliable, contactless microwave measurement
  • Works within several meters distance
  • Does not interfere with the material
  • Very sensitive and flexible with adjustable amplification,
    filter, hysteresis, delay, min/max
  • Compact and easy to install and retrofit
  • Wear- and maintenance-free
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • 100% safe operation with active self-monitoring
  • ATEX protection (optional up to zone 20/21)


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Product Description

The Flow Switch FS 510 monitors the conveying stream of solids. It is a robust microwave-based flow / no-flow switch which detects failures and problems during the transport or feeding of powders, dust, pellets or granules. This helps to prevent serious difficulties that can occur due to clogged piping, material loss, or other technical problems with the conveying system. The compact device can be used wherever monitoring of bulk solids movement is required.


Animal feed industry, building materials, cement industry, production of ceramics, chemical industry, coating processes, detergent industry, food industry, foundries, glass production, lime plants, metal production, minerals, pharmaceuticals, pigment production, plastic manufacturing, power plants, recycling industry, rubber goods, synthetic materials, textiles, wood  and pellets etc.


The Flow Switch FS 510 is based on modern microwave technology. If material passes the sensor, the emitted microwaves are reflected. This is converted into a switching process. The sensor can be installed within pipes, on conveying belts, fall plates, chutes or at similar transport facilities.

It allows safe identification of flow / no-flow, inadequate or missing material, plugs, blockage or standstill, from several meters distance. It does not impact the bulk material and is wear- and maintenance-free.

All parameters, like sensitivity, damping, filter time and hysteresis are adjustable, and the sensor can easily be adapted to any use. The FS 510 is a robust flow switch, made of stainless steel and optimized for a long lifetime. High ATEX ratings and adapters for high pressure allow use in the most difficult environment.


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