idOIL-20-LOS Labkotec


IdOIL-20-LOS for Oil Interface, High Level, and Sludge Detection

  • Multi supply voltage
  • Comes with oil, high level, and sludge idOil sensors
  • Polarity-free sensor connection
  • Automatic sensor and sensor type detection
  • Quick one-touch commissioning
  • LED lights for alarms, sensor fault and power
  • Buzzer for alarm indication
  • Two potential free relay outputs. One for alarms and one for faults


Product Description

The idOil-20 is an easy to use oil separator alarm control unit that offers all necessary basic features. It can be equipped with up to three different types of idOil sensors that are identified automatically with a one-touch commissioning feature.

  • High liquid level alarm, when the liquid level in the oil separator rises excessively e.g. in an outlet blockage situation.
  • Oil layer thickness alarm, when the oil separator’s full capacity for oil or petrol has been reached.
  • Sludge layer thickness alarm, when the sludge layer in the bottom of the separator has reached its maximum level.
  • Separator leakage alarm, when the liquid level drops unexpectedly.

In these situations, an integrated alarm buzzer will sound, the display will show the alarm information and the relays will switch.


For different idOIL-20 models see the below;

Oil interface use idOIL-OIL

Oil interface and sludge use the idOIL-20-OS

Product PDFs: