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Open Channel Flow Measurement

Explore open channel flow measurement with the Xonic 100LM Flow Meter.

Monitoring the flow of liquids in open channels is crucial for various industries, including wastewater management, irrigation, and environmental monitoring. Open channel flow monitoring involves measuring the flow rate of liquids in channels where the liquid surface is exposed to the atmosphere. This measurement is essential for ensuring efficient operation, maintaining environmental standards, and preventing flooding or overflows.

Introducing the Xonic 100LM Open Channel Flow Meter

One of the key instruments used for open channel flow monitoring is the Xonic 100LM Open Channel Flow Meter, offered by Semrad. This innovative flow meter is designed to accurately measure flow rates in open channels, offering reliable performance and ease of use.

Ultrasonic Technology for Open Channel Flow Measurement

Xonic 100LM use Cross- Correlation and Fast Fourier Transform technics to measure more accurate flow rate. This DSP technology makes Xonic 100LM more reliable, maintainable and accurate. Xonic 100LM use certified new technology PATENTED “Very precise time measurement method” and also use PATENT “Transducer Design for Open Channel”. The patent is about transducers alignment method in field, and engineers can align one transducer to opposite transducer very precisely with laser pointer.

High Accuracy for Reliable Measurements

One of the key features of the Xonic 100LM is its high level of accuracy. The flow meter is capable of measuring flow rates with an accuracy of up to ±2% of the measured value, ensuring reliable and precise measurements. This level of accuracy is crucial for applications where even minor deviations can have significant consequences.

Wide Range of Measurement Capabilities

Another important feature of the Xonic 100LM is its wide range of measurement capabilities. The flow meter can measure flow rates in channels with up to 30 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of open channel applications. Additionally, the open channel flow meter can handle a variety of liquids, including wastewater, and agricultural runoff, making it versatile for different industries.

Easy Installation and Operation

The Xonic 100LM is also designed for ease of installation and operation. The ultrasonic flow meter can be easily mounted in the channel using mounting brackets, and its intuitive interface allows for easy configuration and monitoring. This user-friendly design makes it suitable for use by operators with varying levels of technical expertise.


In conclusion, open channel flow monitoring is essential for various industries, and the Xonic 100LM Open Channel Flow Meter offers a reliable and accurate solution for measuring flow rates in open channels. Its ultrasonic technology, high level of accuracy, wide range of measurement capabilities, and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for applications where precise flow rate measurement is critical.


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