PQ Series Gas Detectors
The PQ Series fixed gas detectors have been designed and developed for the demanding conditions of the industry in order to perform continuous measurement of combustible, toxic, asphyxiate, and VOC gases in the environment.
SDM Wafer
Rhosonics SDM-4 – Ultrasonic Slurry Density Meter
The SDM by Rhosonics uses advanced ultrasonic technology to replace traditional nuclear-based density gauges and provide the reliable density measurement you require for mining and mineral processing.
Wadeco Blocked Chute Detector MWS-ST/SR-2-24C
The MWS-ST/SR-2-24C type microwave sensor is a level switch consisting of a transmitter (MWS-ST-2-24C) and a receiver (MWS-SR-2-24C) installed face-to-face. The transmitter emits a continuous, low power microwave beam towards the receiver and an output relay is released when the beam is obstructed.