PQ Series Gas Detectors


Easy and Safe Use
• OLED Display: 128×64 large, bright and clear display indicates gas level, detector status and it can be seen in dark locations and different angles easily
• Non-Intrusive Calibration: Zero and Span calibration can be done by a single operator via using magnetic keys without opening the lid in the hazardous area.
• Logging: Stores all alarm, fault, and maintenance events up 250logs to provide a history of the detector. Also, it protects the data thanks to the battery on itself
• Monitoring: Gas concentration trends for the last 8 hours can be monitored on the OLED screen as it is recording the measurement data
• Remote Control: PQ offers up to 15meters remote control option for applications that sensor and transmitter specifically require separate locations. Moreover, the detector status can be also monitored via Prosense Gas Monitoring software remotely.
• Magnetic Control: Many settings can be adjustable via using a magnetic key.
Easy Maintenance and Simple Installation
• Checking: Relay contacts can be activated or deactivated easily through a user-friendly PQD menu
• Simulation: 4-20mA analog output can be simulated in different values for the test purposes even if there is no target gas in the environment.
• Analog Values: Fault, Warm-up, Calibration, Inhibit, and Overrange values are adjustable.
• Adress: Modbus addresses can be set on the detector menu. No need onboard addressing switches anymore.
• Calibration: Reminds the user when calibration is due to ensure that sensors remain operational and accurate at all times
• Relays: Alarm levels and related parameters can be fully adjustable via detector software.
• Sensor Replacement: Allows sensor replacement with pre-calibrated sensor head to provide easy maintenance.
• Modbus: PQ can be integrated to SCADA systems easily via open source Modbus RS485(RTU) codes.
• Bump Test: The status of the detector can be checked periodically. Ensure that the sensors will respond to their target gas and that the alarms will function
• Calibration Due Warning: Reminds the user by giving Fault when calibration is due
• Wide Range Sensors: High-quality PID, Pellistor, Electrochemical, Infrared, Semiconductor employed PQ provides excellent output for the target gas.

Product Description

The PQ Series fixed gas detectors have been designed and developed for the demanding conditions of the industry in order to perform continuous measurement of combustible, toxic, asphyxiate, and VOC gases in the environment.

With ATEX / IECEx, SIL2 certifications, EN 60079-29: 1 performance approval and high ingress protection class, it has proved its suitability for harsh environmental conditions.

PID, Pellistor, Electrochemical, Infrared, Semiconductor sensors employed PQ provides excellent output in LEL, ppm,ppb and VOL ranges.

To provide the best solution to evolving industry conditions and customer demands, the PQ Series is classified as PQD (With Display) and PQN (Without Display).

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